I really wanted to further my education and focus on farm-to-table cooking.​​ San Francisco became my new home where I began working under the late, James Beard Award winning Chef Judy Rodgers at Zuni Cafe. Finally, I decided to return to St. Louis to open my own bistro, dedicated to the region I knew and loved best. Throughout my career, I've learned that it is not only important to have the tools of the trade, but imperative to have a passion for what you do, learn the basics from dedicated teachers, and ultimately, surround yourself with a talented, energetic and dedicated staff. I think you will find on your next visit to J. Devoti Trattoria, we’ve managed to blend all those elements together to provide a fine dining experience for you!

Chef Anthony Devoti

​​​Locally born and raised, I am proud to be able to showcase the flavors of my home region. My Italian immigrant grandparents had a small restaurant in North County where my father worked as a short order cook. I knew it was in my blood to become a Chef. I began my formal training in the culinary program at St. Louis Community College and moved on to graduate from the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Upon graduation I returned to St. Louis where I worked at restaurants including David Slay's ZuZu Petals and Bistro Eau at The Chase Park Plaza.