Formerly Five Bistro from 2006-2018, Chef Devoti has evolved his Farm-to-Table bistro to include a focus on Italian cuisine. J.Devoti Trattoria is a tribute to his Italian heritage as well as the The Hill neighborhood where his grandmother once lived.  J. Devoti Grocery was opened in 2015 to honor his great-grandfather Joseph, who after immigrating to the states in 1902, became a Grocer then later a restaurateur.

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We have concentrated on the flavors of our region by using quality ingredients from neighboring farms. This has afforded us the opportunity to embrace whole animals with nose-to-tail cooking. Our mission is to bring our guests back to a time where you knew where your food came from as well as the farmers that worked so hard to raise sustainable and ethical products. Hopefully you will find our philosophy refreshing and enjoy eating and drinking the products we have sought out for you!

The menus change daily to reflect what is in season and available locally. We pride ourselves on everything we do in house:
Pasta, Butchering, Charcuterie, Condiments, Pickles, Bread and Desserts.

So what is an obvious move for the current situation we will be closing the dining room at the Trattoria. We will have some offerings for takeaway, curbside pickup, gift cards & bounty boxes! We are beyond bummed & just ask that everyone keeps supporting all of the small businesses and restaurants in town in whatever way possible! The whole restaurant and small business communities will be struggling to get through all of this!
Most of all stay safe, wash your hands, be positive, don’t hoard and offer help to someone who is less fortunate! Thank you for everyone’s support, positive vibes and we hope to see you soon!
-Anthony Devoti & J.Devoti crew
#supportlocal #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom

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