We have come to a crossroads it seems at the trattoria. As it is with all of the restaurants in town, hiring has become an issue. With that being said, I am going to have to re-focus our efforts and energy at the shop to provide the best food and service that is possible.
Beginning immediately we will begin service on Thursday, which for the time being, will continue to be pizza night with the focus being solely on pizzas & salads to start & possibly adding in a few items as we get going, cheeses, olives, small plates, pastas, etc….THE WEEKENDS…Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings, we will provide a set 4 course menu of all locally sourced meats and vegetables, handmade pasta & breads. I will also continue to bring in the finest sustainably caught fish that I can get my hands on. This menu will be released every Wednesday for the up coming weekend. Just like in the past I will be on the line cooking the evenings dinner service as I’ve done for years, but from now on I will be doing it solo.
My commitment as it has been for the past 16 years of service is to provide the best food that I can, gathered from the family farms and producers in our area. I of course will continue to make everything in house and utilize a sustainably raised whole beast ‘nose to tail’ cooking for any animals that we plan on serving. We will also continue to do wine dinners, featuring producers, wineries, wine makers & brokers, from all over the world. The first one in our Fall/Winter series will be THIS Sunday September 18, featuring Nebbiolo wines of Italy!!
A small tasting style menu is something that I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve just had my hand forced at this point to move forward with that plan. I can promise you that I will always put forth my finest effort for my passion of cooking.
Have a wonderful week & be sure to sign up for emails, follow us on instagram and Facebook, for updates, dinners, menus & of course shenanigans! Keep your eyes peeled for the menu post on Wednesday!!

Happy Cooking,
Anthony Devoti

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Formerly Five Bistro from 2006-2018, Chef Devoti has evolved his Farm-to-Table bistro to include a focus on Italian cuisine. J.Devoti Trattoria is a tribute to his Italian heritage as well as the The Hill neighborhood where his grandmother once lived. 

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We have concentrated on the flavors of our region by using quality ingredients from neighboring farms. This has afforded us the opportunity to embrace whole animals with nose-to-tail cooking. Our mission is to bring our guests back to a time where you knew where your food came from as well as the farmers that worked so hard to raise sustainable and ethical products. Hopefully you will find our philosophy refreshing and enjoy eating and drinking the products we have sought out for you!

The menus change daily to reflect what is in season and available locally. We pride ourselves on everything we do in house:
Pasta, Butchering, Charcuterie, Condiments, Pickles, Bread and Desserts.